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What are SUNLOOPS™️? 

SUNLOOPS™️ are what we call our 'sunnies sets.' SUNLOOPS™️ are vintage-inspired interchangeable chain sunglasses. Chains + Frames + Charms = SUNLOOPS™️

Are they a new concept? 

Chain earring sunglasses were a trend in the 1960s/1970s when they were known as 'Bond Girl Glasses.' Our CEO and Founder, Madison, has a love of vintage fashion and accessories and decided to modernize the chain earring sunglass trend for the modern consumer. While chain earring sunglasses were traditionally fixed, our SUNLOOPS™️ are interchangeable so you can constantly customize your look. 

Sure, they look cool, but do they actually stay on?! 

This is everyone's favorite SUNLOOPS question! Our SUNLOOPS are designed in a way to prioritize function and comfort, while looking cool doing it. They stay on and we have TikTok videos to prove it! Check out Madison doing cartwheels, push-ups and handstands in her SUNLOOPS!


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